Marriage is a serious commitment involving both partners who fully invest their time and resources on each other.


In addition to these commitments, both parties will have to learn patience, tolerance, vulnerability and openness to make their relationship work.

This is because at first, marriage might start off as butterfly-in-tummy exciting, and depreciate over time to old-couple boring.

This inevitability begs for couples to take intentional steps towards restoring some excitement and fun into their relationships. And one of such ways is to constantly keep your partner interested in you.


It sounds absurd insinuating that carefully thought out efforts have to be put in place for one’s partner to stay interested in them. In fact, it almost sounds absurd. Wasn’t this partner’s interest picked when he or she met you for the first time? Wasn’t it this interest (in combination with passion and aligned goals in some cases), which event launched the relationship in the first place. And isn’t it this interest that has kept the marriage alive?

The answer is simple. Human nature. Nature has designed the human attention span to be short. A routine for instance, which might be interesting today, might grow to be mundane tomorrow or next week, or the week after that. This is why evolution is important. Products, businesses, fashion, art, music, you name it, they all evolve to suit the current popular taste.

This also applies to relationships, most especially, the marriage institution. This means that couples must learn to consistently keep their partner’s interested 9and not just sexually). This begs for mental, physical, and spiritual improvement of the mind, body, and spirit and soul.


Here are some proven ways to keep your spouse interested in you;

  • Pay Attention to Your Look

Never assume that being attractive for your spouse ends once you get married. Contrarily, the reverse should be the case.

Your spouse wants to look and you and be pleased. They want to look at you and feel attracted to you over and over again. This does not mean changing your entire wardrobe to that of a stripper’s (some offence intended), however, dressing to accentuate your figure.

While this point might seem targeted at the female folk, it isn’t true. Husbands, as well as wives, should constantly strive to be attractive for their partners.

  • Leave Them Pleasant Surprises

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t fancy surprises especially from a loved one. Spoil your spouse by leaving them pleasant surprises such as; writing and leaving them sincere romantic notes, sending them gifts to their place of work, making their favourite meal, etc.

By doing this, you’re reminding your partner that they’re constantly in your mind and that while you two may be busy with work, business, or kids, you always carry them in your hearts.

These surprises do not have to be elaborate. Remember even the seemingly little gift is better off than a large ungifted item.

  • Always Listen

Everyone including your spouse wants to be heard. Sone of the basic human needs after food, water, clothing, and shelter. If you’re still in doubt, think about this instance; if you go through your social media timelines and stories, you’ll be bombarded with people’s opinions on a million issues.


Listening to your partner will give them a sense of belonging because, over time, they’ll be content knowing that there’s always you to listen to them.

Not just that, by listening to your partner, you’ll get a clear picture of their wants, fears, goals, vision and purpose. This way, you can give constructive advice, offer impactful gifts, and be the best support to your spouse.

  • Speak Their Love Language

Everyone has a love language. For some it’s words of encouragement, for others it’s touch, and for others, it could be gifting, quality time and acts of service.

Knowing your partner’s love language will keep them constantly interested in you because they know you speak their words and express love to them the way they like it best.


Find out from the first hand what love language they speak and like to be spoken to.

  • Be Their Source of Peace

The world is a beautiful place. It is also a wild place where corrupt people exist, bad things happen, and good people le encounter rough times.

With every stress in your partner’s life, it’s your duty to be their source of happiness and joy. By being this, your partner will never grow tired of you.

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