When you hear of February 14, only one thing comes to mind – Valentine’s Day. It is attributed to lovers, gifts are exchanged and the air is filled with mushy things.


For the larger portion of the day, it seems like there is no consideration for single people out there and there is no activity that involves the currently unattached. And for some people, spending Valentine’s Day alone is a dreadful thought.

You might not totally agree but here are some tips to enjoying Valentine’s Day singly.


This is probably the first and unavoidable rule of Valentine’s Day for an unattached person, whether male or female. Take away the occasional single remarks and pity looks you will most likely get; there’s one thing you cannot ignore –the atmosphere.


Love songs will be blasting on the radios and TV stations; the couples will be almost everywhere as though they want to rub their happiness in your face. In this situation, you need to be able to tolerate people; trying to ignore them is like trying to ignore the sun.


There is almost nobody in the world who doesn’t love his own person. There might be some things you’d like to change but there are things you love about yourself.

Take yourself out, pamper yourself. Watch that movie you had in mind, manis and pedis, video games, be lazy. Only one thing is required: do whatever you want to do.


You can catch up on TV and if you are a fan of old love songs, there will be more than enough on radio and TV.


This may sound strange to your ears but think about it, when was the last time you had an afternoon nap? The afternoon can be put to good use resting, leaving you refreshed for the week. Ladies, you know what they say about beauty sleep, don’t you?


If you just got out of a relationship or you have been single for so long and you think it is not a good idea for you to have stayed single for so long, then it is time for you to re-strategize.

Reflect on your actions and think of ways to be in a better place before the end of the year.



There is always someone to visit and this is true for the employed and unemployed. An old classmate, a friend you saw last week, your cousin or your aunt. Sometimes, these visits go unexpected and you strike gold.


There are some of us that do not believe in the whole Valentine’s Day rave. If you fall in that category, do your normal schedule; it’s a free world. Get ready for Monday, do laundry and do whatever it is you do to pass time.


We all have a hobby that we have neglected; it might be reading, cooking, sleeping (for some). Valentine’s Day is about love, show that hobby some love.


This might sound awkward but yes, do it. There’s always something to do or see outside and since it’s Valentine’s Day, there will be more! Does it still sound awkward to go out alone?


Spending Valentine’s day alone doesn’t seem so dreadful does it? Don’t thank us, we aim to please. And, please, feel free touse the comment section to add your own items to the list.

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