A video of a pastor warning his members against falling under the anointing and breaking church properties has surfaced and gone viral on social media.


In churches, it is commonplace to see members fall under a trance during prayer and deliverance, at which time it is often assumed that they are in communion with God or that an alien consciousness is exiting their bodies.

In the short video, which surfaced on Wednesday, the yet-to-be-identified clergyman could be seen warning his church members that they will henceforth start paying for any item they break whenever they fall under the anointing.

“I’ve warned you in the first service for those of you that like to fall under the anointing and break things. If you fall under the anointing and break things again in this church, you’ll pay. From today, it’s break-and-pay,” he could be heard saying.


“Any spirit that breaks anything again in this church will pay; that mad demon! That camera is 1,000,000. If you’re falling under the anointing, don’t go there. Tell the demon inside of you. You want to fall under the power.

“You fall; break television. Fall, break camera stand. Don’t go near the computer system or media. If they come there, the fire will burn them. You touch one computer there? 500,000. Always falling under the anointing!

“Pastor shakes you and you fall under the anointing. Pastor touches your head and you fall under the anointing. You near pastor, you fall under the anointing. Ah-ah, faller! Please stop falling and bring money.”


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