A recent research says women who drink alcohol moderately will not be negatively affected in conception.


The study said women who have an intake of less than “14 servings” of alcohol in a week may not have problems conceiving.

It noted the effect of alcohol consumption, especially at moderate levels, on the probability of getting pregnant was an important public health concern.

“Consumption of less than 14 servings of alcohol per week seemed to have no discernible effect on fertility,” said Ellen Mikkelsen who led the research.


“No appreciable difference in fecundability was observed by level of consumption of beer and wine.”

The study arrived at its conclusion using 6120 female Danish residents, aged 21-45 years who were in a stable relationship with a male partner and were trying to conceive without receiving fertility treatment.

The research took into cognizance the participants’ weekly consumption of bottles of beer, glasses of wine and spirits.


The study showed that 92 percent of the participants became pregnant which was confirmed by home pregnancy test kits.

The research concluded by saying that 14 or more servings of alcohol a week was slightly associated with reduced fecundability, but consumption of lower amounts seemed to have no discernible effect on fertility.

It added that since the foetus may be vulnerable to alcohol during the first few weeks after conception, women should abstain from alcohol during their fertile window until a pregnancy has been ruled out.


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