Ric Hasani, Nigerian R&B star, has put out a visualiser for ‘Thunder Fire You’, his breakup song.


The hitmaker, on Thursday, released the comic video telling the story of a failed relationship and a gossiping ex-lover.

In the visualiser, an animated character representing the singer is seen sitting alone but his ex-lover goes poking him.

‘Thunder Fire You’ had debuted with a music video as a part of ‘The Prince I became‘, Hassani’s second album.


The song had elicited mixed reactions and was later banned by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Speaking about the “unexplained” ban in an interview with TheCable Lifestyle, Hassani had said: “I understand where NBC is coming from about the song, but the way I see that song is from a clever, sarcastic sense.

“It’s just making a song out of ‘Thunder Fire You’, a witty and dismissive slang Nigerians are familiar with.


“It’s a breakup song. Nobody had thought of doing that before or going that deep. But NBC saw it as a curse word. Everybody says “thunder fire you”. We’ve said it so much that it doesn’t carry weight anymore.

“It’s just like saying “you dey mad”. There have been songs that said this. But I understand their reason. I just don’t feel that was the correct way to look at it. I didn’t respond because it was not presented as a conversation.”

Watch the visualizer below:


Watch the official video below:

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