Ticket To Life‘, a film by Geshin Salvador, the Nigerian storyteller and producer, is set for a September theatrical debut.


Meroestream and Nubian productions confirmed the release date for the project to TheCable Lifestyle on Tuesday.

Scripted by Miskeen Anav from a story by Tomisin Ayoade, the film will debut on September 23.

‘Ticket to Life’ stars an ensemble cast including Sambasa Nzeribe, Linda Osifo, Debby Emokpaire, Tina Mba, and Christian Ochiagha.


The movie dwells on the story of Nafisat, a local who moved to Lagos from the village in search of greener pastures.

Soon, she admits that the grasses are not as green as they seem after discovering a secret.

Nafisat must make a deal with an archenemy to preserve her only means of survival against another enemy.


Speaking on the project, Olayinka Quadri, the film’s executive producer, said: “We wanted to make a film that is true to the Nigerian reality instead of a Hollywood wannabe.

“It was important to find a very good script, cast brilliant actors who deliver 10/10 and give the project to a director who is passionate about storytelling. We think we nailed it with Ticket to Life.

“This film depicts the Nigerian reality so well, the actors bring something different to their previous work, it is funny and beautifully shot. The audience will come away talking about it and quoting the actors.”


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