Choosing the right gift can be an uphill task; it has discouraged many from purchasing gifts for their loved ones.


While it may be true that it’s the thought that counts, wouldn’t it be nicer to get a loved one a present that would actually make them happy? All that’s required to make it happen is a little effort.

Here are five tips to consider when choosing a gift for your partner.

Romantic versus practical gifts

Different gifts have different effects and suit different occasions. Romantic gifts are a symbolic gesture of love, whereas practical gifts are material things that could be kept or used.


For some people, practical gifts are more appreciated in the long run than something purely romantic. While for others, the reverse is the case. Hence, buy based on your lover’s preference.

Make choices based on interest

Before getting a gift for someone, you should figure out the person’s interests, likes, and dislikes.

If you already have an in-depth knowledge of what their preferences may be, take advantage of that knowledge and let it guide you towards getting the right gift.


Pay attention during conversations

Getting a gift can take months before you eventually buy it. Over the course of your usual conversations, tyour partner may probably make one or two remarks about a desired item.

The fact you listened intently to what he/she said will make it even more romantic when you present the gift.

Consider an experience gift

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, an experience gift could be one way to show that you care, without worrying about having to decide on the type of purchase to make.

This can be as simple as going to where they love to visit or doing what they love.


People tend to value experience gifts because they serve as sweet memories for future reminiscing.

Chip in questions during conversations to get more ideas

If a topic comes up briefly in a conversation, you can ask for their opinion and make reference to it later.

When done naturally, they won’t even notice you are asking because you are thinking of what to give them.

This could help you get the perfect gift. Try it!


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