With the holidays only weeks away, you should start to plan your family Christmas party and activities. While you’re cooking the perfect Christmas meal, you’ll want to keep your loved ones busy.


Especially if you plan on inviting kids. Luckily for you, there are plenty of fun Christmas games for kids that’ll keep them busy for hours. And they may just interest you too, in between frying Christmas chicken.

The other great part about these yuletide activities? They’re just as easy to make as they are to play. Whether you want to create your own Christmas-themed tic-tac-toe out of a burlap sack or a Christmas tree bowling game using recycled soft drink bottles.

These ideas definitely aren’t short on creativity. So, gather around the living room and tell your loved ones to put on their game faces for these hilarious Christmas games for kids.


Check Out These Fun Christmas Games For Kids

Santa’s Delivery Game

This is a fast-paced relay game in which players must carry more and more packages back and forth under the command of the hub manager.


The Purpose: The winning team will successfully deliver the most packages.

Supplies for the Game:

  • Wrapped gift boxes
  • Gift bags
  • Jingle bells to go inside of wrapped packages

Provide a large number of wrapped gift boxes and gift bags in various sizes with jingle bells inside for fun. No need for ribbon or bows.

Place a card table on both ends of the room. One will be the starting point where the packages will be placed. Select one person to be the hub manager. The hub manager is in charge of keeping count of the number of packages successfully delivered.


One by one, team members aka delivery drivers, will pick up as many packages as they can carry and quickly deliver them to the table at the other end of the room. Once there, they will put them all down then pick them back up and deliver them back to the first table where the next member of their delivery team will then go.

Any packages dropped on the floor must remain on the floor and cannot be retrieved except by the hub manager who will return them to the starting table.

As the competition continues, the later players will need to carry more and more packages. The team to deliver the most packages successfully wins.

The Wrapping Paper Christmas Game is a relay game adaptable to all ages


The kids will be wrapping a loved one in paper to resemble either a Christmas tree, a snowman or a Reindeer.


All supplies for this game are available at a craft store

  • White, Green or Brown wrapping paper
  • 2 Hats for the snowmen
  • 2 sets of reindeer ears
  • Cheap stick on bows for the tree
  • 2 Christmas headbands for tree topper

One person on each team will be decorated with the paper. Team members will wrap the subject around and around with the crepe paper until well wrapped. Once the wrapping is complete, top with the hat for the snowman or reindeer ears for the reindeer or the bows for the tree. The first team to finish wins.


Christmas Trivia for Kids

This free printable features an array of easy and challenging questions, so everyone in the family can get in on the merrymaking. You can personalize it to better portray Christmas in Africa.

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