Sex is a basic part of adult life so it’s surprising we don’t have more open conversations about ‘the other room’.


When it comes to the dynamic between men and women, the concerns of men are often neglected.

Here are eight things men wish women knew about sex.

No one is perfect


Staying in shape and keeping one’s body in good condition are essential, but just in case it’s been a few days since you shaved your legs, don’t be too alarmed.

Men would understand, especially if it’s not a constant thing. Men are mostly realists, they don’t believe in fantasy.

As long as you are clean and appealing, perfection can take a hike.


Get involved 

Nobody likes a bench warmer.

Nothing’s worse than a partner who just lays there, seemingly disinterested. Be a team player, speak out, and move with the action.

Be the boss, sometimes


The man is usually expected to take the lead because societal roles have always called for that.

Turning this around on him is an exciting way to keep him on his toes and even help him out if he’s tired.

Speak up

Don’t let him waste five minutes doing something that’s not working for anybody.


Meekness and modesty are alien to good sex. Tell him what is working or what you need, and everyone will be happy, and hopefully get there.

Don’t panic if they don’t come to the party

Sometimes, a hard-on may not come and other, more painful times, men just may be unable to ejaculate.

There are so many factors that can cause this to happen. The most common are; the ‘rare not being in the mood scenario, being stressed, lacking an emotional connection, or being cash-strapped.


But it’s hardly ever because the woman is not attractive or good enough in bed.

Foreplay gets men there

Men enjoy foreplay. If you’ve ever been told otherwise, bury that thought today.

The build up and anticipation are equally riveting, suspenseful, and important for us. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, no?

Men don’t hate romance

A common misconception is that men are sex-craving mammals, but that’s not always correct.

Men, too, are interested in romance, seduction, and the emotional aspects of sex.

Women can initiate sex – yes, you can

Yes, men think about sex a lot, but no – not all the time. There are too many things going on in the world to have sex as a primary preoccupation, hence men would be well aroused and gladly surprised should the woman initiate sex if in the mood

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