Juliet Njemanze says it’s sexy to see men put away their machoness and show vulnerability.


The Nollywood star did a video where she spoke of the emotional connection between couples in relationships.

“I find it really sexy when a man shows vulnerability. I mean, it doesn’t make you any less of a man if you break down your walls and show your emotions. If anything, it makes you really, really sexy,” the actress said.

“It’s sexy because you accept that you are human; that you have blood running in your veins, a heart that pops.


“So I don’t know in which world they say men should not show emotions. I mean, it’s okay to cry.

“It’s okay to show me that you’re sad. It’s okay to show me that you’re happy at the moment.

“Just stop with all the macho thing. No, leave it alone, leave the macho thing alone and just be a human being.”


Born in Kano, Juliet Njemanze got her big break in 2015 when she starred in Obi Emelonye’s movie ‘Calabash.’

She started acting in 2013 after landing a role in ‘Tears in My Heart’, a film by Okey Ifeanyi, a Nollywood producer.

She also starred in such titles as ‘My Regret’, ’15 Years of Slavery’, ‘My Friend My Pain’, and ‘Avoidable Blunder’.


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