Your office has announced the date for its holiday party and your heart skips a few beats. Your office crush will be there, so will the nosy chick from accounting department, and not to forget your boss.


You want to dress ‘to kill’ but at the same time, you want to look decent enough and presentable because who knows whom your boss might be introducing you to in the course of the party.

These factors seem to narrow down the options when it comes to picking the ‘perfect’ dress for the official occasion.

But there’s no need to run helter-skelter or go ballistic over the right dress to choose with these few ideas:



  • A pair of jeans and dressy-blouse


There’s no going wrong with a pair of jeans but be careful. You do not want to come-off under-dressed for the occasion by wearing a regular old t-shirt.


Pair your designer jean with a bell-sleeved blouse, or any other kind of classically cut blouse which is both stylish and classy. You’ll want to pair the two with a nice pair of sandals or if you’re a dramatic gal, go for something that’ll make you stand out like red-bottoms.


  • A more than little black dress


Every girl knows that a Little Black Dress (LBD) is a wardrobe essential and this is true. But for your next office party, you’ll be needing to step up your LBD game.


Go for LBD’s with more unique cuts, and designs to leave a lasting impression on everyone because ‘that’s how stars do’.


  • That statement dress


Remember that statement dress you’ve been wondering where to wear it to? Your office holiday party might be the right place to make a debut. Again, be careful. Make sure your dress is befitting of at least a semi-formal occasion as you wouldn’t want to wind up being that overdressed babe.



  • An artsy-designed skirt


Skirts are the new cool. But you need to do more than just any old plain skirt. Choose skirts with sequins, patterns, glitters and murals.

Additionally, you can pick out from an array of designs, a variety of lace or satin skirts.



  • That tailored blouse


 If you’ve got a reliable tailor, then maybe opt for a custom-made dress, or blouse.

Make sure to get your material and design of choice to your tailor ahead of time to avoid stories that touch. You definitely do not want to be that person who’s dress isn’t ready a day to the office party.

Tailored pieces are always a great idea because they accentuate and flatter your figure; two things you want your dress to accomplish during your next office holiday party. Like the popular quote goes; ‘if you don’t give them, how will they take it?’

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