Uduak Akpan, the prime suspect in the murder of Iniobong Umoren, the Akwa Ibom job seeker, says he killed her in self-defense.


TheCable Lifestyle had reported how the deceased, a recent graduate of the University of Uyo (UNIUYO), was found dead — few days after she was declared missing.

Akpan was thereafter apprehended by the state police command for “kidnapping, countlessly raping, and then killing the victim”.

According to the police, the suspected killer was said to have first buried the deceased in a shallow grave and fled.


Speaking when he was paraded by the police on Friday, the 20-year-old admitted to killing the job seeker.

Akpan said after revealing to Umoren that he was lying about offering her a job, he had insisted on having sex with her before she could leave.

The suspect explained that the deceased had agreed but on the condition that a condom should be used which he agreed to.


Akpan said she, however, got infuriated after he removed the condom and consequently hit him on the forehead with a stabiliser.

He claimed that he had responded by hitting her with the stabiliser and a pressing iron which resulted in her eventual death.

“She (Umoren) came for a supposed job interview and I decided to use reverse psychology on her. I asked her if she can work as a secretary in a farm where hard drugs are kept,” he said.

“She said she can and that she’s ready to do the job. At that point, I revealed to her that there’s nothing like a farm and that it was just a hoax.


“But I told her that before she leaves, I would like to have sex with her and she agreed. She, however, gave a condition that I should use condom, to which I agreed.

“When I removed the condom, she became furious and took the nearby stabiliser to hit me at the forehead and started screaming. I was bleeding so I needed to defend myself. I also took the stabiliser and hit her alongside a pressing iron. She started bleeding and died later.

“She’s not my first victim. I’ve not Killed anyone before but I have played the same trick on about six ladies before.”

He, however, dismissed claims that his father and Kufre Effiong, his cousin, assisted him in carrying out the act.

Akpan also quashed reports that some of the items found at his residence belonged to those he had tricked in the past.


“The NYSC shoes at the location was for the family, they belonged to my mother not my victims as claimed. The books are for my sisters and I,” he added.

“Also, my father didn’t assist me as claimed. Nobody was around then. I didn’t hypnotise her with any substance. Kufre Effiong is my cousin but he was not involved in the whole thing. My initial conversation with him was when I was coming from Calabar. He should pick me up on my way to submit myself to the divisional police officer (DPO).”

The suspect said Nigerians should believe the police that justice would be done in the case.

“The commissioner of police has assured Nigerians that justice will take its course in the matter, you the public should be calm. If justice in the case will cost my life, then I’m okay with it,” he added.

On his part, Andrew Amiengheme, the state commissioner of police, urged the public to disregard reports that the suspect had committed suicide in detention.

The development comes at about the same time when Umoren was burried amid tears.

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