Porn star Stormy Daniels says she once had unprotected sex with Donald Trump, US President.


Daniels was reportedly paid $130,000 by Trump to stay silent about the fling.

In a tell-all interview with In Touch, the porn star narrated her sexual encounter with Trump.

Daniels said she met Trump at a charity golf tournament. “The first time I met him was actually out on the course. They brought us out to ride around and he kept looking at me and we were introduced.”


Stormy said she agreed to a dinner date after requesting for her number which he said was simply for business purposes.

“So I said yeah, of course. He invited me. He told me to come up to meet him in his room,” Daniels told the magazine.

“He told me his room number and whatnot. I can’t remember the room number, but I do know that it was the penthouse or at the top of the Harrah’s.”


Daniels said they had a really good banter and dinner in the hotel room before eventually having sexual intercourse.

She said, “The sex was nothing crazy. He wasn’t like, chain me to the bed or anything. It was one position. I can definitely describe his junk perfectly, if I ever have to. He definitely seemed smitten after that. He was like, “I wanna see you again, when can I see you again?”

Stormy told In Touch that they did not use protection.

“It was kind of in the moment. And I was really kind of upset about it because I am so, like, careful. The company I work for is condom-only,” she said.


“But I remember for a fact that we didn’t because I’m allergic to latex. And I didn’t go up there with condoms on me.

“I know that for a fact because 99% of men don’t carry non-latex condoms on them, so I usually always have one in my backpack but I thought I was going to dinner, so I only had a tiny little cocktail purse.”

Daniels also said when she brought up his wife during a conversation, he quickly changed the subject.

“I mentioned her. I was like, “Yeah, what about your wife?” He goes, “Oh, don’t worry about her.” Quickly, quickly changed the subject,” Daniels said.


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