Shola Abdulazeez Agboola, a Canada-based Nigerian man, has been invited to help restructure and revitalise the country’s Conservative party ahead of the 2019 federal elections.


Like Nigeria’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Conservative party was Canada’s largest political party until October 2015, when it lost majority of its House of Common seats to the Liberal party.

In an attempt to rebuild, the party reached out to Agboola, a politician and member on the board of the CP, to help increase the party’s support base.



To this effect, a letter was sent to Agboola by Scott Lamb, the newly elected president of CP, who hopes to include the Nigerian immigrant in the restructuring efforts of the CP.

Lamb noted in the letter that Agboola would be valuable in the party’s bid to return to power in four years.

He also extolled Agboola’s deep sense of dedication, commitment and many contributions to the party.


Lamb said: “This summer, I plan to travel across Canada to meet in person with top Conservative Party activists and organisers.

“But my most immediate goal today is to reach out and team up directly with you and our other important Conservative supporters in Manitoba.”

“I need to know if I count on you to be my partner as we work to expand and strengthen the Conservative Party base in Manitoba in 2016 – and create an unstoppable force that will elect a new Conservative Government in 2019.

“Let me tell you why I would be so grateful if you will tell me YES today by returning to me the special Pledge of Support I have enclosed in your name, Mr. Agboola.”



Reacting to Lamb’s letter, Osun state born Agboola was enthusiastic, “happy and honoured” to lend a hand of support to the Conservative party.

He said: “It is quite a big deal for me to be recognized for what I have contributed to the system”.

Agboola, who’s also the national liaison officer of Oodua Progressive Union Canada chapter, expressed pride at being the “only black” on the Conservative party’s board as well as his achievements as a Nigerian immigrant.


“It makes me feel so proud of what I have managed to accomplish as a Nigerian immigrant”, Agboola said.

“The reason for being the only Black to serve on the board is that as you may have know, traditionally, most immigrants especially those from Africa tend to lean toward the Liberal Party, but because I know we share lots of Conservative values as Africans in terms of personal responsibility, free market, low tax, and strong family ties etc it does not take me long to realize I have a niche within the party,” he added.

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