Inadequate sex can cause a strain in a relationship, making partners become bitter, hostile and seeking alternative means of getting the satisfaction derived from sex.

Here are seven likely reasons you’re not having enough sex:


Stress, caused by physical and mental factors, can make you feel worn out and this will have a negative impact on your libido.

Stress can be reduced by finding out the cause and dealing with it. Avoid whatever it is that stresses you, carve out some time for recreational activities, eat healthy and get enough rest.

Poor communication about sexual needs

Poor communication may be as a result of shyness or lack of knowledge about an appropriate way to convey ones sexual needs to a partner.

A healthy conversation about your sexual desires will go a long way in helping you and your partner understand your needs and meet them. The more you talk about sex as a couple, the freer you become at expressing your sexual needs.

Low self-esteem

Feeling bad about your looks, body shape and structure can affect your mind and consequently your sex life.

One way out of this is to address these feelings is to concentrate more on the beautiful things about your body, engage in activities that will boost your confidence, eat and exercise well – these will help you appreciate your body more.

Routine sexual life

It is well said that variety is the spice of life. Just like how routine activities can get boring, a routine sex life can lead to dampened interest in sex.

A way to go around this problem is to plan an erotic date night, do something different to make sex less predictable and more exciting.

Distractions from smart devices

While technology helps us to connect better with one another, on the other hand, it may affect our intimacy with each other. Phones and gadgets should be far away during intimate hours to avoid distractions.

Age-related factors

As we get older, our bodies also experience changes. Women experience a drop in estrogen, vaginal dryness while men likely experience erectile dysfunction.

These often cause a decline in sexual activities. A physician should be consulted on working solutions to these.

Medical conditions

Some medical issues like vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, prostate cancer, menopause, etc, have a serious impact on your ability to become aroused sexually and have enough sex.

A therapist will help you work out ways in which these conditions can be improved to enable a healthier sex life.

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