Beards are considered as a sign of masculinity and fashion statement. But an unkempt beard could create a long lasting wrong impression about your personality..


Grooming your facial hair can accentuate your facial contours, give your skin the needed break from shaving, and add some unique chicness to your physical appearance.

These seven tips will guide you into a world of healthy and well-groomed beards;

Grow them out


Based on genetic reasons, growing out facial hair for some people may require little or no efforts, but this is not the case for everyone. No matter where you stand, having a full beard is achievable.

You should exfoliate your face at least once in a week to remove dead cells and stimulate hair growth. Drink a lot of water, and include food rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. Fruits and vegetables will help provide nutrients that will encourage your facial hair grow more rapidly.

Stress is another reason for hair loss, take out time to de-stress, exercise and get a good night sleep.


Choose your beard style

Not every beards style look great on every guy, so your first task is to find out what works best for you. A full beard or goatee suits a round face, and you may consider a longer beard style if you have a narrow face. Your facial hair pattern can naturally suggest a beard style for you.

Keep your beards mosturised

A dehydrated beard will likely get bristled and break out. Keep your beards nourished with your preferred styling oil. You can also choose to mosturise using shea butter.


Feed your beards by investing in some essential beards growing and mosturising products.

Practice Hygiene

Beards can be a place for bacteria to grow if not well-kept. Investing in a facial wash, beards shampoo and scrubs are important to keep your beards germ-free and healthy.

Brush Up


Keep your beards from becoming an unruly mess by brush out knots and tangles. Get a beard brush or comb and ensure you comb your beards regularly.

Trim properly

Tailoring your beards into a well-cultured forest will require trimming from time to time. Get your trimming scissors to work on a weekly basis, for an even facial hair

Check-in with Professionals


A professional touch can come in handy, especially if you desire to completely pamper your beards. Special treatment  like professional massage, shampooing, trimming will help guarantee a well-groomed, healthy and stylish facial hair.

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