Kano, the second largest Nigerian city by population, should be your next destination for an adventure.


The northern city is rich in culture and history dating back centuries. Many of the structures built thousands of years ago still stand today.

The people are friendly and the food is great.

Here are eight places you must visit in Kano.


Kano Walls

In the 14th century, to provide protection against marauders and external aggression, the Kano walls were built.

The iconic structure stands at a staggering 50 feet.



Dala Hill

This is where the first inhabitants of Kano settled upon arrival thousands of years ago. In the 17th century, the hill was the site of a community that engaged in iron-working.

At 1,753 feet high, the hill is a popular tourist attraction.



Gidan Rumfa

Built in the 13th century during the reign of emir Muhammadu Ramfu, Gidan Rumfa still serves as the palace of the present emir.



Baturiya wetland game reserve

The game reserve is a sanctuary for an array of birds like the pelican, knob-billed goose, yellow-billed stork, grey hornbill, and many others.


Kofar Matar dyeing pit


The textile business is very popular among the people of Kano.

Tourists are wont to visit the dyeing pits where they learn the art of cloth-dyeing.


Tigam dam/Rock Castle

This is where you can find fishing and boating activities.

Rock Castle Hotel, built to host Queen Elizabeth and her entourage during her visit to Nigeria in 1960, can be found at the far end of the dam.


Kurmi market

The Kurmi market is oldest public market in northern Nigeria and popular for traditional wares such as carvings, calabashes, ancient jewelries, brassworks, leather products, and pottery.

The market was created during the trans-sahara slave trade when Emir Muhammadu Rumfa was on the throne.


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