Renua, daughter to Femi Giwa-Amu, a popular clergyman cum lawyer, has reportedly committed suicide.


Giwa-Amu took to his Facebook page on Sunday to share a photo of a dimly-lit candle in a dark background to mourn his daughter.

It is understood that the 26-year-old took her own life on Saturday — months after alleging that she was raped by her father when she was 7.

In several posts on her Facebook page, the deceased had slammed her mother as well as other family members for not believing her claims against her father.


“They always find an excuse for this man and enough is enough. My uncles and aunties who have been raining insults and campaigning against me need to ask themselves what they are truly afraid of right now. It is only the truth getting out that scares pedophiles,” she had written in October.

Femi Giwa-Amu

In September, she had also called out her mother, stating that no one should share “crocodile tears at my funeral.”

“In case there’s any crocodile tears at my funeral. My “mother” finally called! I’m on my own, as usual, but apparently I’m also doing hard drugs,” she wrote in a terse post accompanying a video of her conversation with her mother at the time.


In another open letter, she had bared lurid details of how she battled emotional and psychological trauma after her father allegedly raped her repeatedly many years ago.

“I know that you are a child molester, your numerous victims outnumber you and I remember everything now. All I have to say to you is this: You, your rings of pedophiles, bullies, thieves, hired cronies and family gang can do whatever you like in eternum,” she had written.

“Entire chunks of my memory were once lost and taken from me, entire friendships and interests and hobbies and goals I had just vanished and might still not fully ever come back.

“Instead I carried around such intense feelings of shame, regret and self-loathing disgust that it consumed me most times.


“Good or bad, traumatic or not, those memories of mine that hurt me and triggered me for so long have finally woken me up and reminded me that I promised myself if I survived you, escaped, and somehow found enough sanity to be willing to return home that I would never set foot in Nigeria unless I had publicly acknowledged the fact that you continually raped me as a seven-year-old child until I had a possible prepubescent miscarry and almost died of sepsis. I wasn’t even in Primary 4 yet.”

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