Sugabelly, controversial Nigerian blogger and illustrator, has stirred up a hornets’ nest on the country’s Twittersphere after she described Pete Edochie, veteran Nollywood actor, as a “really bad actor”.


Sugabelly had first made the headlines in 2015, after she celebrated the death of Abubakar Audu, the former governorship candidate of Kogi state.

In a lengthy post titled — The Man Who Raped Me Died Yesterday And This Is How I Feel’ — she had recounted her ordeal with the family of the late politician, where she also claimed that his son had sexually assaulted her at 17, and it had gotten many talking on social media platforms.

But on Wednesday, the illustrator, who has been away from the news, took to her Twitter page to question the acting versatility of the 72-year-old movie star, saying that “he has been playing the same role all his life”.


“Pete Edochie is a really bad actor. He’s been playing the same role his entire life,” she wrote.

“Acting isn’t quoting proverbs. But Nigerians live and die by seniority so the older he gets, the less anybody is able to point this glaring elephant in the room out.”

She also extended her criticism to Joke Silva, who she said “overacts” in her movies.

“Joke Silva is a pretty good actress but she overacts a lot. Not through her movements but through her voice. She always sounds as if she’s reciting Shakespeare when she’s meant to be chatting with her adult child at breakfast. Also, she doesn’t have much variation in roles,” she wrote.


Her opinion has however, opened the floodgates of backlashes on Twitter.

“Sugabelly said Pete Edochie is a bad actor.. wait, are u expecting him to act like Aki n paw paw. Everyone has their role in the movie industry just like Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan and others.. Just f offf and stop creating unnecessary clout!,” said a user.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:

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