Workplace integrity is important for productivity; the reward for energy well expended.


Here are nine keys to maintaining integrity in any office:

  • Time is important; so show up on time every time. From the way people handle time and schedules, you can tell if they are persons of integrity or not.
  • Keep your promises; when you discover you won’t be able to do as promised, ensure you explain in time to the other party.
  • It’s also advisable to employ the use of questionnaires in a work environment. Colleagues/fellow workers should anonymously assess one another from time to time.
  • Setting personal goals and targets. Every worker should have a personal diary where daily office work is spelled out as well as the time of execution. You might never appreciate the essence of productivity until you obtain a diary.
  • Consistent and adequate communication at a workplace, both vertically and horizontally, removes doubts about integrity. The environment should be engineered to encourage a free flow of information and accessibility between colleagues as well as between bosses and subordinates.
  • As a worker, constantly review your establishment’s policy statements, so as to assess and align your actions with respect to them. This should be encouraged generally among staffs. A concise version of an establishment’s policy statement can be placed in a spot visible to workers.
  • Increased rate of change in company culture should be curbed, so workers can give their best.
  • It’s advisable that workers be penalised only when a mistake is committed more than twice.
  • Encourage honesty and transparency over being politically correct in your workplace. Don’t say what you don’t mean. Don’t be too diplomatic, that you get lost in an attempt to make your point. However, intelligent caution should be observed when needful.

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