Many are quick to make resolutions with the renewed upsurge of enthusiasm that accompanies the New Year but only a few ever get to make good on them.


Making your New Year resolutions is one thing; fulfilling them is another.

Here are a few tips to help you make good on your 2019 resolutions.

Make the right resolution


If you intend fulfilling your New Year resolutions, you must first ensure you have made the right one. Your resolution must be hinged on things you feel personally connected to.

You can chew on a few personal life changes you would like to make and tailor your resolutions in that direction. The right resolution is one that is realistic, specific and measurable.

Find the motivation


Before proceeding, try to understand why you would like to have your resolutions accomplished and set your mind on the price.

You can allot personal rewards to the completion of specific milestones instrumental to the attainment of your set goals and find a partner or a team with similar goals.

When it’s a team effort, it feels more like fun than work. You can also find a mentor, look out for people who have accomplished similar goals and adopt their strategies.

Start small


Many people set overwhelming, vague and unrealistic goals but it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, there is wisdom in thinking big but not when such would hamstring and deter you from achieving anything at all.

Resolutions should be specific steps tailored towards, say, the kind of lifestyle you might want for yourself since, while it might be tempting to go for a life-changing resolution, you actually have a better shot at achieving smaller ones.

Have it written down

Research has shown that written goals have a higher likelihood of getting accomplished.


You can print out your goals, make duplicate copies and place them in strategic locations where you would come across them regularly. This helps you become mindful of them and gives you a better shot at getting them accomplished.

Time it, schedule it and start right away

Setting deadlines for your goals as well as a schedule of how you intend going about achieving them is paramount.

Many lose their resolutions to the failure to fix a deadline and schedule for them. Time and schedule your goals, start right away and act in that direction every single day.


Let your goals reflect in your daily decision-making processes and see the turn things would take for you.

Keep living it

On the attainment of a few milestones, don’t be deterred by how far you still have to go.

Invest your mind in the process until the product doesn’t seem so far away.

Take pride in what you have achieved–you deserve it–and keep living your resolution even after you feel you have attained your preset and ultimate milestone.

If you have come a long way, why stop now?

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