Tammy Onyeke, the US-based wife of Patrick Onyeke, the standup comedian better known as Mr Patrick, has opened up on her marital crisis.


Onyeke spoke during a recent interview with a diasporan media personality following her husband’s earlier chat with media personality Daddy Freeze, the Nigerian OAP.

During his conversation with Freeze, Patrick had described Nigerians in the diaspora as “wicked” and alleged that they had sought to destroy his marriage to the American with false claims so they could get him deported.

He also accused his “fake friends” of instigating the crisis in his marriage which he stated had deteriorated.


On the allegation that he had married Tammy for papers, Patrick said that he already had the green card before moving to the US.

Reacting to the interview, Tammy accused her husband of having an affair and lying about it.

She also said they are on the verge of getting a divorce.


“I don’t know what is going on with my husband. He came out with that video to make those statements. That is not my husband, and he doesn’t do social media wahala. So when I saw the video, I texted my husband,” she said.

“Is he okay? Because that’s not like him. My husband has been gone since June 2021. He moved out of the house. I have only seen him twice. The six-year-old marriage is on the verge of a divorce due to lies and infidelity.

“You can’t blame other people for your mistake. I and my husband have been married for six years. When we got married, I moved to Nigeria for one year to learn about the culture.

“Our first misunderstanding was over this actress from Nigeria who keeps messaging him ‘baby, are you there.’ I said, ‘who is this calling my husband baby?’ I went to the actress’ page and there was a video of my husband.


“I messaged her and the actress deleted the video. I questioned my husband and he said it’s work.”

Tammy argued that her husband started behaving “funny” after they applied for his permanent resident card.

She said she had hired a private investigator who discovered he had been meeting with girls in the guise of work trips.

“I kept quiet but noticed the difference when we applied for Patrick’s 10-year green card. He just started acting funny. He was neither kissing nor touching me. I got on my knees and asked if I’d offended him,” she added.


“He kept quiet and I was on my knees begging. He said no and added that he’s just focused on work. I went into the room and just cried. When I came out of the room, my husband was gone. For two days, he didn’t come home.

“I went to his office and found he opened a new bank account without my knowledge and was transferring money.

“I pulled it up online and saw he bought two Delta tickets and had been going back and forth to Maryland for about two months. When I saw those two tickets, I saw one for a girl in Maryland.

“He was flying this girl to Atlanta Wednesday and the two of them were going to Texas on Friday for dour days.”


“I’m an accountant with three degrees. Take me as a business person. I found he was taking this girl to his friend’s child dedication. That hurt me so bad. This happened with girl number 1 who was 27 while he was 42.

“She later chopped his money and left.  Sometimes you try to guide your husband and he doesn’t want to listen. He was hanging out with people who paid women to marry them. I haven’t caught him but he knows he was cheating.”

Mr Patrick and Tammy, both based in the US, legally tied the knot at the Ikoyi Registry in Lagos back in 2016.

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