Saga Adeolu, the 2020 Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) housemate, has lamented the expensive lifestyles reality TV stars usually grapple with after the show. 


In a recent interview with PiggyVest, the fitness trainer disclosed that he pays N100,000 to stylists for an outfit which he is expected to return after an event.

“Let me start with the obvious one. Clothes. You will pay a stylist N100,000 to style you and you still give them the clothes back. I’m telling you. When people tell me, ‘Come for my event, come for my event’, it’s not that easy. I have to buy clothes,” he said.

The entrepreneur also revealed that he pays N5 million for rent as opposed to N200,000 before his BBNaija stint.


“I used to live in a three bedroom house. The rent was N600,000, and I was sharing the apartment with my guys. So, that was N200,000. Right now, I am paying N5.1m,” he added.

According to him, such expensive lifestyles is among the reasons some BBNaija stars often go into depression.

“If I go to a club, they give me drinks. So that isn’t expensive. But I can’t fly economy anymore — although I am not the one paying for it. Food is more expensive, too. I can’t eat my Iya Basira and my roadside bole,” he said.


“But this thing called clothes eh! You return everything back because if you have to buy it, you spend more. The real deal breaker is that once I wear something and take a photo for Instagram, I can’t wear them again anytime soon.

“That’s what makes some housemates depressed. It’s a life-changing event. It changes your reality drastically. So I am paying that and I’ve had to furnish the house. It’s expensive, but it’s not like I can still be living in my father’s house at this age.”

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