The end of the Lumia line of phones is coming to a somewhat expected end.


Microsoft, of recent, has been offering attractive deals for its remaining Lumia stock, dropping the initial asking prices.

According to WinBeta, an anonymous source within Microsoft claims that the company will be ending sales of all Lumia handsets by the end of the year.

It doesn’t necessarily mean an end for Windows 10 on mobile.


Microsoft has two major updates scheduled for release in 2017 and has been encouraging third-party manufacturers to continue making supporting devices.

Laura Butler, Microsoft’s Director of Engineering at Windows Fundamentals, has been hinting on Twitter that something might be in the works.

There have also been rumors of a Surface-branded phone but that doesn’t seem like it’s coming anytime soon.


Windows phone fans and users are disappointed and are hoping for a miracle in the Surface all-in-one phone. An event slated for October is believed to be centered around the new product.

Microsoft has in the past few weeks, moved the Windows phone collection to smaller locations and on its US website, the link to its Lumia range has been removed from its homepage while on regional sites, the name has been cnahged from Lumia to Windows phones, the report says.

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