Maureen Esisi, the Nigerian fashion designer, has claimed she and actor Blossom Chukwujekwu are “technically” still married — despite their highly publicised split in 2019. 


Esisi and Chukwujekwu tied the knot in 2015. But their union hit the rocks four years later.

In 2022, Chukwujekwu got married to Winifred Akhuemokhan. Their traditional wedding was held in Benin city, Edo state.

But in a recent interview on The House Chronicles podcast, Esisi argued that their divorce was never legally finalised, adding that she did not sign any “court documents”.


Esisi also claimed the actor’s mother initially advised her to stay in the marriage — only for her to influence their split.

“I would call his mum, she would give me reasons why we cannot divorce. She would say, ‘divorce is not of the Lord. Don’t worry, he would get better.’ And then, magically, he said he was done,” she said.

“And the same you that was telling me every year to stay, how come your son comes up to you that he’s done and surprisingly, you throw God out of the way?

Oyahkilome officiates Blossom Chukwujekwu's white wedding holds in Lagos
In 2022, Chukwujekwu got married to Winifred Akhuemokhan

“My separation happened way before it became public. I’m not divorced by books. Technically, we are still married. When you say you’re divorced, it means you’ve signed papers, right?

“I have not signed any papers. I do not even know what a divorce paper looks like. I have not seen one before. But they say after three years of separation you are good as divorced?

“I did not sign any papers. That is all I am saying.”

The fashion entrepreneur also blamed “lack of communication” and Chukwujekwu’s “sexual life” for their failed marriage.


“Every time I said I was done, I stayed because it is a marriage. You do not just walk away from it. We were not dating. We were married. I kept saying I was done because the marriage was built on deceit. It was not going to work. I just entered with the thought that I could change him. I could change the situation, make it better,” she said.

“That is the mentality we young girls always have when we enter marriages. When we see the red flags we feel like we have been with this person. We can make it better, make it work, we can manage. So that was the mentality I entered the marriage with. But instead of it working, it just deteriorated to a point where…

“It was everything (communication, physical connection, sex life). We were talking but not communicating. Everything was just wrong. We were not intimate. My biggest problem is I am too loyal. I did not know if he cheated on me.”

In August 2020, the entrepreneur described their split as the “worst day of my life”.


A year later, Esisi recounted how she had suicidal thoughts following her separation from the Nollywood actor.

Last November, Esisi alleged that she received death threats from an unknown individual who claimed she used her ex-husband to gain fame.

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