Aita Joel, the Ugandan-based businessman and author, has undergone a vasectomy after welcoming five children with his wife.


Vasectomy is a medical procedure to cut the tubes carrying a man’s sperm out of the body. It does not allow a man’s sperm enters the urethra and thereby prevents fertilization of a female through sexual intercourse.

The entrepreneur took to his Twitter page on Friday to share a photo of himself during the surgery.

In the post, Joel said he took the decision so he can focus on giving his five children a quality life.


Joel, who describes himself as chairman at Muni University in Uganda, also said he can only manage five children, hence his resolve to adopt birth control.

“Vasectomy. After birth of kid 5, I decided to end the journey and concentrate on giving them quality life. At times the man has to take responsibility of the birth control and besides a good quality life for the children can only be given to a number you can manage. It’s simple,” he wrote.

“If you want real good education for your children, you have to pay a very good school. Definitely when a primary school charges you over 20m per term per kid.


“Then you need to have a number you can manage. In my case I can manage 5. Someone else can manage ten. Another less.”



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