Linda Osifo, Nigerian actress, says she was influenced to lighten her skin to land more film roles.


In a chat with HipTV, the film star spoke of skin colour discrimination in auditions where scripts seek light-skinned actors.

“When it comes to skin colour, I have faced discrimination. Do I still face it? I don’t know because I don’t see it. But it was tough because I’ve had many auditions where the description would be a fair in complexion model,” she said.

“Sometimes you don’t get the role because your skin colour didn’t fit. However, I believe that has changed. The dark-skinned people are being more appreciated and the media is laying emphasis on them more.


“That has given me more confidence. Have I been influenced to bleach? Yes, in the sense of thinking about it. But did I? No. Don’t be desperate. You can’t be desperate in this industry because you’ll make the wrong choices.

“You will probably fall victim to things because they will see the desperation. Better opportunities will come.”

Osifo began her acting debut in 2012, starring in ‘Family Secrets’, which was directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka in the US.


She then returned to Nigeria in 2013 and starred in her first Nollywood film ‘King Akubueze’ by Nonso Emekewe.

In 2017, Osifo starred in EbonyLife’s spin-off drama series ‘Fifty’ and took part in Africa Magic’s TV series ‘Jemeji’.

She is currently co-hosting the ‘Give ‘n’ Take National Jackpot’ gameshow alongside Segun Arinze, the actor.

Earlier, Osifo said women in Nollywood do better than men because they have more avenues to make money.


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