Everyone knows Jimi Agbaje as the two-time governorship candidate of Lagos state and founder of JayKay pharmaceuticals.


But who is Jimi, the man behind the public career of ‘politician’ and the tasking role of ‘business owner’?

Who is the man whose charm and ability to inspire has earned him a loyal following?

Don’t get your hopes up. He’s a boring person.


TheCable Lifestyle recently had a chat with him and here’s what he had to say.


Outside politics and pharmaceuticals, who is Jimi Agbaje?


Some boring person. Jimi Agbaje is your everyday person, I mean, you know he is a pharmacist, you know he is a politician but he is somebody interested in the motivational aspect of life, trying to inspire the younger ones and he kinda likes some good evening, some good party, like a good discussion.

How often do you drink?

I don’t drink much, I am just a social drinker, I used to dance but I dance now on my seat, that’s why I said I am very boring.

What’s your favourite meal?


I am not the kind of person that falls over heel with anything in particular, call me a middle of the road kind of person. So, if you talk about the favourite meal, I won’t really say I have a favourite meal, there are many things I don’t eat.

My meals are very limited, my choice is very limited. I a not a very adventurous person in food; I have gone out with friends and they say eat crocodile tail and I say God forbid.

I won’t say I have a favourite meal; I eat because I have to.

If you were not a pharmacist or politician, and you had to go into sports, which one would you choose?


I enjoy playing cricket, I play cricket in my school days. I played for Lagos state. I did enjoy cricket probably if I had to take another sport, definitely, I wouldn’t have been a very good footballer or else, I would have said football. In school, I fooled myself that I was a goal keeper, but that’s it really.

What’s your favourite football club?

It is Manchester United, that’s today. Yesterday was Stationery Stores, so if you tell me about Nigerian setting, Stationery Stores is my club, but when it’s foreign, it’s Manchester United all the way.


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