Small spaces can be tricky to decorate. They’re claustrophobic, cramped, and tricky to work around.

However, if properly planned, a small bedroom can become a sanctuary; habitable and thoroughly enjoyed by its owner. But to get the right decoration for a small space, it is important to work around certain factors.

Factors such as the right colour scheme, furniture, ventilation are to be considered when decorating a small area.

In addition to this, one should keep in mind that space management is the order of the day as doing otherwise can result in a cramped or cluttered space.

  • Use White Paint For the Walls

It is a fact that white-coloured walls make space look bigger. This hack should be implemented when redecorating your small bedroom or space. 

Opt for white paints in any texture of your choice and try to stay away from off-white colours as this could give the space a not-so-bright feel.

  • Make The Most Of Your Space

The best way to make the most of space in a small bedroom is to create an illusion of space. Cut out the clutter by taking away any pieces of furniture or elements which are unnecessary.

Instead, make sure that every piece of furniture used is 

  • Explore Multipurpose Furniture

Get creative with your pieces of furniture. This will not only add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your bedroom but will also manage the available space you have wisely.

Bed with cloth drawers, bookshelves hanging above your bed, a bed that doubles as a couch are examples of multipurpose pieces of furniture which can make an excellent addition to your small bedroom.

Explore other options for furniture with multiple functions.

  • Go Natural 

Give your space a natural feel by adding elements which add more life into your space. 

Earthy elements such as certain kinds of figurines are a good way to bring 

Houseplants or indoor-plants like cactus can be a great addition to your bedroom as they give your space a fresh feel. 

  • Less Is More

Remember that you’re working with a small space and that the biggest enemy decorating enemy is clutter. So do away with anything which will make your room look cramped.

Opt for less furniture or multipurpose ones, always keep your room clean, and do everything you can to maintain the remaining available space you have.

Some pointers to keep in mind is that it’s important not to limit yourself when decorating your space. For instance, although white coloured walls make a room bigger, you can accentuate the space with other beautiful colours or even go for darker colours when painting.

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