Losing a loved one or having a fall out with a lover hurts really bad but another thing that hurts just as much is loving someone who does not love you in return.


If you find yourself loving someone that does not love you back, you might need to examine the following steps before you end up in an unpleasant place.

Accept that it is unrequited

The first step in achieving anything is acknowledging your situation and realising the need for a change.


It might not be an easy task but it would be the first step to a better place for you.

If already in a relationship, woo the person again

This may sound weird but not a lot of people will get into a relationship for love so if you find yourself involved with someone that does not love you, you need to act fast.


Find what makes your partner tick and start the wooing process all over; there is no guarantee that this will win the person over but you might as well try.

If it’s an unreciprocated attraction, tell the person how you feel

Sometimes, the best way to solve a challenge is to face it head on. If you think you are strong enough, tell them how you feel.

This way, you will know if you have any chance of winning them or if you have to use the door.


Find other means of distraction

When someone does not love you the same way you do, seeing them or hearing about them will be like torture.

If you are not careful, you may become wrapped up in them and they might not give you the time of the day. Do yourself a favour and find something to occupy your time and attention. It could even be an activity or work.

Talk to somebody about it


This will do you a whole world of good because talking and sharing surely helps. It will help get the weight off your chest.

This could be a friend or a professional, just make sure you are comfortable with them and you can trust them.

Begin your healing process

At some point, you will know if it is worth pursuing or if you should just let go.


If you choose the latter, then you need to give yourself time to heal and get over the person you loved but never felt the same way.

Find other things to invest your love in

Seeing as you have to continue living your life without the person, you have to find things that make yourself happy.

Pour your love into your friends, family or that niece or nephew that gives you so much joy.

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