It’s no longer a secret that some of us don’t like being single, especially those of us surrounded by a lot of lovey-dovey couples.


They are also a group of people who prefer to be single because they are simply not ready to be in a serious relationship at a particular time in their life.

But for those who are looking for the answers to the puzzling question “why am I still single?” “Why do I have no one to call mine?” One of these might be an answer to your question;

  • Fear of the past

It’s understandable when the idea of dating makes you cringe after going through a tough or bad breakup.


It can be difficult but then try to heal and forgive your ex-partner so you can move on. Also, give another person a chance to love you just the way you deserve to be loved.

  • Low self-esteem

Before anyone can love you just the way you’re, you have to love yourself extraordinarily first. Be confident in your skin and body, value yourself every time.

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Lack of confidence in one’s self tends to reflect in how we present ourselves ranging from posture, thoughts, behaviors, which however might be a “red flag” to our potential partner.

Being confident in the vessel you have will draw positive people to you. When you lack confidence, you give an impression or signal of not being an open person. This could be a turn-off to potential suitors.

  • The right person isn’t here

People always have unrealistic expectations for a partner or are quick to pinpoint weaknesses from the moment they meet someone.

Being critical in your assessment of a potential partner might make you undermine them before even giving them a chance — while hoping your kind of partner will soon show up.


Also, sometimes, being single is totally not our fault because, in the dating realm, it takes two to tango.

When one decides the time has come to start dating again and the right person isn’t showing up, it becomes truly frustrating. But one has to keep making moves and being optimistic.

  • Being a perfectionist

You want a perfect person, a person without any challenge whereas there is no perfect person. So, you refuse to give anyone who doesn’t fit in your “standard” of the perfect partner a chance.


You may think you know what you want and like in a partner. However, if you open up to give someone a chance, the person might be the “one” who will value you and love you for who you really are. So give him or her a chance to love you today.

  • Fear of intimacy

If you are someone who believes “being attached is risky”, that might just be the main problem. It will be hard to be in a relationship because you protect your feeling too much which will hinder you from opening up to the potential partner.

  • Isolation and Routine

Funny how people with the same routine of being indoor and busy all through the week complain about being single.

The truth is that potential partners won’t come knocking at your door to profess their love for you. Once in a while, you should loosen up, leave your house, and attend social gatherings. You never can tell, the “right one” might just be there waiting for you. It is understandable you’re always busy and tired but it is necessary if you really want someone to call “mine”.


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