A relationship forms an important aspect of a person’s life. Relationships are so important that we almost cannot function without them. 


Think about this; family members, work or school colleagues, friends, neighbours, business or professional acquaintances are a few examples of possible relationships in our lives.

All our lives are surrounded by people with whom we come in contact daily, weekly or less. And to interact with these people successfully, we’ll have to have some sort of relationship with them.

Dissolving a relationship will most likely be tough depending on how important that relationship was to a person.


However, before putting an end to any relationship, you may want to ask yourself some or all of these questions below and more:

  • Why Am I Dissolving This Relationship?

For what reason are you choosing to dissolve this relationship? By answering this question, you will be forced to face the situation objectively and not solely because based on emotions.

Try answering this important question as unbiased as possible. If your decision is purely driven by the emotions you feel at the time, you may want to give it some time to rethink your decision when you’re calmer.

  • Can I Give This Relationship A Second Chance?

If you’ve successfully answered the first question, then this second one would be easy to answer.

Seeing as the other party in the relationship may have violated a value or you, you have to resolve within yourself if you’ll be willing to give the relationship a second chance.

If you choose to give them a second chance, good. However, if you do not,  breaking up the relationship is good enough.

  • How Do I Plan To Get Over The Loss Of This Relationship?

It’s pretty weird that we do not take into consideration the complexities of getting over a failed relationship. And maybe that is why some people breakdown after dissolving a relationship.


One good question you have to put into consideration is what happens after the relationship collapses. How will you cope? Especially, if this failed relationship was a tight one?

For instance, if the basis meant when resolving the relationship states that you keep off communication with this person, how do you keep up?

  • What Lessons Has This Relationship Taught Me?

One of the most important gifts any person could ever have is taking out the valuable lessons from every situation including a dissolved relationship.

Run back through memory lane and ponder over the lessons this relationship taught you.


You may be shocked to find out the valuable lessons a relationship teaches, even an about-to-be dissolved one.

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