The yearn for money is a powerful drug that can affect the mind when not controlled.

Our thoughts are very powerful. Whatever we constantly think about and repeatedly register in our subconscious is acted out unconsciously.

When all a lady thinks about is money, all her actions may often tend to be motivated by money.

Huge turn-off for men

Many men, it appears, are scared to get into a relationship with money-motivated women. They believe she would not be there for them when/if they are unable to provide.

TheCable Lifestyle recently conducted a poll to see how men view women who are heavily motivated by money.

“No man wants to marry a liability, we want a partner that would assist us and not drain us. My partner should make me believe she is old enough to take care of herself, she should prove to me that she is an asset,” said Dele Afolabi, a school teacher.

“No, I can’t date a lady who is money conscious; I just can’t deal with such a woman. There are so many things you consider when you want a relationship with a woman. She has to take you for who you are,” he said.

“When it happens that you’re not buoyant and you have a woman who is only about money? There would be a problem.

“If you get married eventually, there would be issues most likely. Even if she doesn’t disturb me for money owing to the fact that she has her business, the fact that she has great love for money is a big issue that I can’t deal with.”

James Rabiu, a middle-aged man, said, “everything is not all about money, if all she cares about is money, then she should go look for Dangote or Femi Otedola.”

Rabiu says he would find it hard to trust her because another person may give her what he’s unable to.

“All I mean is she would always get another person when she doesn’t get want she wants from me.”

Chukwudi Amata, a retired civil servant in his sixties, also shared the point of view of previous men.

Amata said if he were to be a young man who needs a partner, he’d never go for a money-conscious woman.

“It is so bad for a lady to love money more than the love needed; she would definitely flare up if I don’t give her on days I don’t have it. She would never remember days that I gave her because she has been blinded by money.

“It would cost such ladies nothing to go meet other men for whatever it is they need,” he said.

Most men agree that it is good for a lady to have big dreams and aspirations but loving money to the extreme, they say, is a turn-off.

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