A good relationship is built by two physical and mentally healthy individuals. Mental health influences how an individual thinks, feels, and behaves. It also involves the ability to cope with difficult situations. 


Certain problems couples face can be traced remotely to the state of their mental health. Societal perceptions, other relationships, personal experiences, and self-restraint are common factors affecting the state of mental health between a couple.

Here are five ways to improve your mental health in relationship.

Stay off negative information


Information is powerful. Taking care to sieve out the kind of information we give attention to is an important aspect of being mentally healthy.

Cut off every source of negative information whether it’s through the media, or an individual. Sign out of that news site, unfollow or block that Instagram follower spewing negative comments and let go off outlets that tend to make you anxious. You can

Detox from social media


Social media is a great platform to connect, network, and keep in touch with people. However, social media platforms also breed negativity. Converting the carefully curated lives of other social media users, for example, is a sure way of leading to depression, and low-self esteem.

Additionally, with the presence of social media, couples must have to deal with the reality of either keeping their relationship off or on social media. Make sure to discuss at length and decide how you want to represent your relationship online.

You can suggest taking periodic breaks off the internet and social media to take better care of your relationship offline.



Meditation is a great tool for increasing mental health. By regularly exercising the mind to focus on other meaningful things other than the present situations, you and your partner can improve your senses and mind.

The advantage of an improved mind in a relationship is that problems are solved emphatically and amicably among partners.

Have a positive attitude

By practicing positivity, a couple will definitely have a lasting relationship. Using the right words to communicate effectively will ensure that both parties receive and pass across information clearly.


Practise positive thinking and attitude with your partner using real-life situations. In the face of challenge, take the time to remain calm, assess the situation and remain positive throughout. The result of this kind of behaviour is usually the revelation of new ideas in handling the matter.

Should your partner be inclined to being pessimistic, try to be their pillar in difficult times through encouragement and showing care.

Practise gratitude

Gratitude is an undervalued powerhouse and this is because of the popular misconception that being grateful is restricted only in good situations.


However, the quality of being thankful and returning kindness truly exists in both the bad and good situations. Practise gratitude with your partner. Appreciate even the littlest gestures of your partner and always be ready to be thankful during the bad times.

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