The first thing that probably drew your attention to your current partner is their introverted nature and quiet demeanour.


Of course, counting also, their physical qualities which may have played a part in your attraction to them.

However, the qualities we love about our partners might also pose as challenges as our relationship matures.

Sometimes you may find yourself trying so hard to understand that introverted partner of yours.


While there is no science to explain the behavioural pattern of every single introverted individual, there are some general triggers for their quiet nature that might help you understand these quiet guys better.

Introverts pay attention to details

Yes, you guessed it right. While their quiet nature might make it easy for them to blend into the background, you must realize that they see, feel and notice every single thing around them.


The time they have been quiet makes it possible for them to observe things, situations and people to the tiniest of details.

Make no mistake, once your mood changes, or your behaviour switches, they see it all. This makes it easier for them to predict mostly correctly, your next steps, decisions and even choice of words.

This nature of paying attention to details makes it easier for introverts to be the best kind of lovers. Their ability of foresight makes them a perfect match especially for fast sanguines and extroverts as they can balance the social, personal, and career aspect of their partner’s life.

Your introverted partner is likely super smart


There’s a good chance your introverted partner is an Einstein in the making because they are mostly quiet, your partner is able to assess situations and people correctly.

Being quiet also means they like to be alone and enjoy solitude. This presents a perfect opportunity for them to focus on their craft, job and any task given to them.

You may want to start asking your introverted partner to help out with some of those difficult tasks and ideas you’re working on.

There’s a good reason for not wanting to socialize


To understand why some introverts aren’t big on socializing, you’d need to understand this basic concept about introverts: introverted individuals re-energize by being alone.

This means that while a typical extrovert feeds off good energies by being around others, introverts need to do so on their own, in a quiet place.

It’s not that some introverts hate socializing per se. They only like to keep it at a minimum and socializing needs to be balanced from their normal routines.

Your introverted partner isn’t shy


It’s easy to assume that introverted people are shy but this isn’t always the case.

Your partner isn’t shy to be around people or to go to that party. They’d just rather be alone introspecting and working on personal stuff.

Alone time is a priority

No offence but your introverted partner will be needing a lot of alone time. No, it’s not always because they’re mad at you or because your presence sucks. Sometimes, all an introvert needs to be happy is to enjoy some peace and quiet in their safe space.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask right? Right?

Now you’re aware of how your introverted partner’s mind works, maybe you’d be a better partner and understand that yes, introverts love you and their space. Although, it should be up to you to decide which they love the most.

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