Periods: the monthly release of blood from a female’s uterus is a natural occurrence but can also a complete nightmare sometimes.


Premenstrual syndrome, cramps and heavy flows are few factors making periods a nightmare for some women. For others, the discomfort of having to wear sanitary towels, tampons, menstrual cups etc. makes the thought of periods scarier.

Unlike habits, periods cannot be done away with (except in exceptional cases of women who have undergone endometrial ablation or hysterectomy), leaving the only realistic option of dealing with periods squarely because girl, your period will be around for a long time.

For this reason, it is important for females to master (for lack of a better term, because can anyone really ‘master their periods?’) their menstrual cycles, and find ways to make their monthly periods better experiences.


In dealing with mastery of one’s period, the two important factors to consider are the maintenance of excellent personal hygiene and excellent mental health.

Change your sanitary tool regularly

The earliest menstrual rules most women learn is how to wear menstrual sanitary products. This might be learnt by themselves or through the coaching of an older female (or male).


The second rule is how to maintain thorough cleanliness throughout one’s period. And one of such hygiene methods is regularly changing the menstrual product. This second rule should not be neglected.

Try as often as possible to change your period sanitary product, be it sanitary towels (pads), menstrual cups, tampons or disposable menstrual panties.

The relief from constantly changing these products will not only leave you feeling fresh but is also beneficial in the proper health of your vagina.

Stick to a specific relief method from PMS


PMS and cramps are inevitable for some women. Tenderness of the breasts, abdominal cramping, nausea, headache, body aches, irritation, acne, are common examples of premenstrual symptoms (PMS).

With technological and pharmaceutical innovations, there are a variety of medications, medical procedures, exercise, diet, which could help reduce the symptoms.

Hence, it is important to find one, stick to it and maintain such procedures. Caution is required while practising any relief method.

Watch your diet critically


Diet plays a huge role in every aspect of human health and the menstrual cycle is one of those aspects.

Maintaining a diet rich in water intake, calcium, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, complex carbohydrates, iron, low-fat dairy, Vitamin D, and limiting caffeine, salt, alcohol, could provide some relief.

By taking up certain fitness routines, PMS can be greatly reduced.

Have a bath at least twice daily


Another habit to adopt to feel fresh throughout your period is to bath at least twice daily. Substitute cold baths to warm ones.

If you have the means, draw a warm lavender-scented, lemon-balm, Epsom, or rose-scented, bath and soak in it. There are a lot of companies selling these amazing scented bath salts at affordable prices.

Wear comfortable underwear and clothing

Never underestimate the power of comfortable clothing and underwear, especially during your period.

Opt for soft under panties made of cotton and items of clothing that are either loose-fitted or moderately-fitted but not too tight. Trust you’d need the extra space for air to feel fresh all day long.

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