Having a relationship built on lies and misconception can hurt deeply, and planning your future with a married man who pretends to be single could be more heartbreaking.


These red flags will tell you if he only wants a side chick while he stays married;

He’s always busy

Married men are busy men. If your partner always has an excuse to turn down every fixed appointment with you, then he might just have a greater commitment at home.


Even if his reasons are valid and reasonable, don’t just ignore this sign, especially when it becomes a habit.

Wedding band line

When married men want to cheat, by instinct they take off their wedding bands. However, one thing that gives them away is a visible wedding band line on the ring finger. If your partner is not a divorcee and has this line, then you should get suspicious.


He never invites you to social events

Social events are places you get to mingle with his circle of friends and maybe family. A married man would want to reduce public outings with you as much as he can to keep his little secret.

Weddings and parties are also places where a good number of men would love to show off their woman, but if he’s not proud enough to have you around him, then he probably has a wife who should accompany him to outings by default.

He hordes his phone and ignores you on social media


A man who is sneaky with his phone may not only be concerned about privacy, he could just be hiding a secret about his family from you. If he constantly changes his passwords, deletes your text messages and pictures on his phone, then you should be wary.

Also, social media is one of the fastest ways romantic partner communicate when apart, but if he refuses to associate with you on social media then you have a red flag.

You can’t visit him at home

While he has free access to your apartment, he tells you not to bother visiting him. If he only plans ‘romantic getaway’ to hotels and distant resorts but never to his home, then you should get sceptical.


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