Petite is a term used to describe women who are 5ft 3 inches tall or under.


Being petite describes height exclusively and not weight as often misconceived. This means that petite women come in all shapes and sizes.

For most petite women, some of the desired objectives when getting dressed include; appearing longer and avoiding boxiness.

Here are some great fashion tips to help you achieve that.


Straight jeans

Not to be confused with skinny jeans. Many stylists and fashion experts will advise that straight jeans should be a top choice for petite women.

Folding the leg of the jean and bringing the hem up to the knee is the best way to determine if it is straight. If the jean has a straight leg, the width will be the same.


Pencil skirt

For a longer leaner look, petite women should opt for pencil skirts. Choosing a solid dark-neutral colour helps with versatility as they can be worn with just about anything.

Dress pants

Again, in neutral colours for versatility sake. Dress pants are an excellent option for petite women who want to look taller and slimmer.


Five styling tricks for petite women

Remember to avoid pants with elastic bands and go for well-tailored pants with zippers fitting well and having straight legs.

V-Neck T-shirts

V-necked shirts are guaranteed to make petite women look taller. A V-necked t-shirt or tank top made of cotton are excellent for a casual occasion while those made of cashmere or luxurious silk are excellent choices for a dressier occasion.


Wrap dress

Choosing a wrap dress that is either straight or A-lined is the best for women of petite height.

Some points to note:

● Avoiding accessories that are oversized and bold.


● Fitted clothes are a better option than oversized clothes.

● Be careful with layering cloth items

● Narrow belts are the best option, except when belted high up the waist.

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