In recent years, the popularity of sneakers has been accompanied by breaking every footwear fashion rule we have known. No longer are sneakers limited for only shabby, and informal events. These days, even the most serious of occasions can permit a pair of sneakers if paired correctly.


One of the biggest sneaker-fashion breaks is its admittance which can be suitable for every occasion. As stated earlier, sneakers are no longer confined for sports and informal occasions. They can now blend in beautifully in official events such as weddings, professional situations, and even dinners.

Because of its popularity, the sneaker industry has expanded to include fresher, more comfortable designs and cuts suitable to blend into every possible occasion.

The three occasions to bring your sneaker-game on include:


Professional occasion

It’s no longer an eyesore to sport a pair of sneakers to the work environment. However, in wearing a pair of sneakers to work, it is important to be sure of the dress code acceptable at your workplace.

Should your office permit sneakers, make sure to pay attention to the sneaker style you wear. Go for high-end and designer sneakers with the right cut so that you’re looking crisp and sharp.


Also make sure your sneakers of choice is clean, paired with smart shirts, blouses, skirts and trousers. Pairing your sneakers with a well-tailored blazer is a great way to go.


Don’t be shy to switch up your style with a pair of sneakers on your next date. The most important rules for dressing up to a date is to be yourself and dress comfortably.

Thankfully, a pair of sneakers will offer all the comfort needed to be your true self. Keep in mind when shopping for sneakers that there is a pair of sneakers for every type of personality. Hence, go for a pair of sneakers that’s just you.


While you can pair your sneakers with jeans or pants, remember that pairing the footwear with an airy or skater dress or skirt is also a win.


Although showing up at a wedding on a pair of sneakers can get tricky, doing so the right way will earn you a lot of stares and admiration.

First of all, clean sneakers! This point cannot be stressed enough. You do not want to appear shabby neither do you want to appear crazy. By going for a pair of clean, off-white sneakers, you’re bound to win this fashion risk.


Make sure your dress and sneakers at least have the same colour palette and yes, sneakers work with long dresses just as much as short ones.

If you’re keen on switching up your sneaker game, shop, and invest in quality brands.

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