We’re constantly wishing we can incorporate healthier habits into our lives. And why that look good on paper, it is one tough egg to crack as it takes more than wishful thinking to develop healthier habits.


Whether it’s in one’s mental, financial, physical, spiritual, or social state, we’re all open to improvements in our lives. We want the upgrade that comes with healthier habits but can we say we’re really ready to do the dirty work? Yes.

Or maybe. Whichever the case, in this article we’ll go over a few tips to help improve our lives through healthier habits.

  • Be Open To Learning New Things

Acquiring knowledge opens us to infinite opportunities and ideas including new healthy habits.


For instance, by means of learning, you could learn that a certain wealthy person meditates two hours a day. That’s a good habit that’s emulable. And if you had not been learning or acquiring knowledge, you probably would have never known such was doable or possible.

So next time you’re learning or just reading even for fun, keep an open mind about the kinds of healthy habits successful people have.

  • Know What Habit You Want To Adopt

Be specific about the healthy habit you want to adopt. Is it exercising daily? Or cooking more homemade food? Could it even be learning to give more?


Whatever the habit, you should put a name to it, focus on it, learn how you can adopt it, and follow through.

Try to focus on adopting one habit at a time rather than tackling a lot. This would most likely end sadly.

  • Change Your Mindset

Before you can successfully adopt a habit, you must first discard the former one you have so that there is space to fill in with the new healthy habit.

For instance, if you want to learn to give more, you’ll have to discard every current mindset you have that negates it such as being stingy.


Sure changing your mindset isn’t a day’s work, but if you keep focusing on changing such mindset, over time, it’ll be easier to let go.

  • Be Disciplined

There’s no gaining new healthy habits without discipline. Discipline is the driving force that ensures you keep to every tough decision or action necessary to bring you closer to your habit goal.

If you’d want to adopt the habit of working out, for instance, discipline is what ensures you register at a gym and show up when due.

Discipline is what determines how much progress you make in achieving your desired habit. So this is to be taken seriously.

  • Baby Steps

Remember that habits are not just candy that can be unwrapped and enjoyed in a matter of seconds. Adopting new habits requires that you take baby steps until you achieve the required results.

So try not to rush the process. Be disciplined but also remember to cut yourself some slack and try not to be too hard on yourself because after all, you’re human.

I’d like to hear back from you on the healthy habits you’ve learned and adopted this year alone. Meet me in the comment section?


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