It’s always fun to share pictures and videos of your relationship on social media. However, it can be detrimental to your relationship when it becomes consistent.


Keeping your love life private and off social media doesn’t mean you’re in a secret relationship. It is just you prioritising the value and intimacy of your relationship.

Without further ado, here are some benefits that come with keeping your relationship private.

  • Increased privacy

Once you start posting consistently about your relationship on social media, your privacy becomes compromised. Your relationship should be between yourself and your partner, not for public consumption.


Prioritising your privacy will further increase the intimacy you share with your partner. You will even be able to do anything and everything together without thinking of the perfect thing to do just for the “gram”.

  • Less pressure

Social media comes with its own pressure — from unrealistic expectations to different opinions from people. So putting up your relationship in a public space is like intentionally subscribing to the pressure.

Give your relationship and your partner a stress-free space to make mistakes, learn, explore and grow.

  • No negative comparison/competition

Social media makes negative comparisons really easy. Unconsciously, you would start comparing your relationship with what is obtainable on social media but might not be the same in reality.

So keeping your relationship private will help you get rid of competition and comparison. You will feel more committed, contented, and satisfied.

  • Sense of authenticity

Your relationship will be more realistic when you don’t think of social media while with your partner. Having to do things perfectly just for the sake of social media would most likely deprive your relationship of authenticity.

For instance, if you’re the social media type and you’re on a date with your partner; you will always want to do things that will be perfect for your timeline and not things that you really want to do.


It’s a relationship, you should be free to be yourself, be real without thinking of “the gram”.

  • No/less complicated break-up

Break-up is less complicated when social media isn’t involved. Not all relationship leads to marriage and if a break-up happens, it shouldn’t be messy.

If you keep your relationship as private as possible there will no followers or fans to cause drama out of your break-up or start questioning you and make you feel like it is the end of your world.

No one is saying that social media is not beneficial in relationships — but the idea is just keeping it moderate in order to have a peaceful relationship even after a break-up.


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