Among the herbs mother nature gifted man, Lavender oil is one of the most versatile of them all.


The essential oil is popular for its aromatherapy and skin health properties and owes its therapeutic powers to the relaxing effects of the Lavender plant from which it is extracted.

Because of its versatility, Lavender oil should be a go-to for anyone interested in using essential oils.

Lavender oils popularity dates back to ancient times providing beauty, health and relief to man.


In no particular order the five top uses of lavender oil in households include:

Skin care

Containing anti-bacterial properties, Lavender oil is a perfect choice for skin rejuvenation and enhancement. These anti-bacterial properties will make sure the skin is unable to tolerate acne, skin depigmentation and sunburn by improving complexion and balancing out sebum production.


Lavender oil and rosewater blend perfectly to make a great facial toner which makes the skin firmer.

Skin conditions like scabies, ringworm, bacterial infections, wounds and scars stand no chance with the essential oil present in the skincare routine. Insect bites like bee stings will also be shamed as Lavender oil soothes any form of irritation or pain caused by an insect bite.


Aromatherapy is the general improvement of the psychological and physical well-being of an individual using herbs, essential oils and aromatic plant oils.


An aromatherapy kit is incomplete without the presence of Lavender oil. Adding a few drops of Lavender oil in a diffuser in the household can increase the general well-being of people present.

Also, adding lavender oil to your bath after a long day will help you unwind.


Lavender oil is no friend to dandruff as it eliminates the number one hair enemy. In addition, including Lavender oil into a daily scalp massage routine has been proven to encourage hair growth and discourage hair loss in the long run.


Enhances and aids sleeping

Because of its soothing fragrance or therapeutic properties, Lavender oil is perfect for aiding sleep. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on your pillowcase to aid sleep.

Diffusers are also great mediums to use Lavender oil in aiding sleep. For added effect, you may take a bath including Lavender oil to help fight off insomnia.

Sharpen respiratory system


Brewing and drinking a Lavender flower tea can help greatly in dealing with respiratory discomforts such as flu.

Other alternative methods include adding a few drops of the oil in hot steaming water and inhaling the steam.

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