Travelling by road can be tedious, boring and uncomfortable but it doesn’t always have to be.


If you’re going to visit family or work is dragging you to another state or maybe you’ve simply decided on an adventure and chose not to fly, here are a few tips to note.


Make sure your phone or someone else’s in the car has internet data to access Google Maps in case you get lost.


Write down emergency numbers

Anything can happen to your phone or devices and you may have to use a stranger’s phone.

So unless you know all your emergency contact numbers off hand, it would do you good to write them on a piece of paper and slip it into your pocket.


If it’s your car, make sure it’s in good condition

First, it is essential you get a mechanic to service your vehicle prior to any journey.

Secondly, make sure your car papers are up to date because the last thing you want is road safety or vehicle inspection officials pouncing on you in a strange land.

Make sure you have at least one spare tire and the tools to change it.


Pack snacks 

Always, always pack snacks.

Sometimes you may not find a place to eat for miles on end. So buy some biscuits and light food to make your journey more comfortable.



Your trip will be a breeze if you have your favourite tunes keeping you and your travel companions company.

So if your car is not equipped with an auxiliary connection, burn your favourite albums on a CD or a tape.

Hold extra cash

This is very important for situations where you may need to ditch your car and find alternative means of transportation.


It is also important for buying food, fuel and other essentials where there may be no ATM in sight.

Pack a first aid kit

No one prays for accidents but it would be foolish not to come prepared — better safe than sorry.

Pack some band aids, a pair of scissors, a bottle of spirit, and paracetamol.

Safe travels!

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