A leaked audio has surfaced on social media platforms wherein Emeka Ike appeared to have asked Michael, his first son, to commit suicide.


The Nollywood star’s 17-year-old marriage to Suzanne Emma was dissolved by a Lagos Island customary court in 2017 over incessant battery.

The court also granted Ike the custody of their four children but ruled that Suzanne be allowed unhindered access to them.

The actor, who has not been featured in movies for over 13 years, however, made a comeback in ‘Malaika’, a film by Toyin Abraham.


During an interview last week, the film star revisited issues that led to his failed marriage.

Ike alleged that Suzanne made him lose his properties worth millions and access to his four kids.

The actor also denied ever beating his former wife. He claimed she orchestrated false accusations of assault, leading to the dissolution of their marriage and the closure of his “N480 million investment”.


Emma, however, fired back at Ike, alleging that she endured physical abuse during their marriage.

She claimed the actor “is a drug addict”. She also alleged that the actor’s drug addiction was one of the reasons for the abuse she suffered in their marriage.

But on Saturday, Michael shared a voice recording wherein Ike appeared to be urging him to kill himself.

In the recording, the actor is heard raising his voice at his first son.


“Michael go and jump in front of a truck right now. Now now, go and jump. Jump from where you are and break your head and smash it. You are my stress. You are my problem,” he was heard saying in the voice note.

“You are the one I sent to school. I spent all my money that I did not have. I was just getting money to save you.”

In the recording, Emeka also alleged that his children were being used to blackmail him.

“You took my children out and gave them to blackmailers. And they are blackmailing me using you,” he said.


“And you are telling me ‘it is better I die’. Go and do that now now now. Do not do it tomorrow. I want to hear it. Do you think I will let you blackmail me? I will still get your mother… the people behind this will hear from me. Do not wait for me to kill you. My hands no suppose touch you. Go and kill yourself you.”


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Michael also opened up about his parents’ messy divorce when he featured on the #WithChude podcast.

He claimed that his father once threatened to kill him and his siblings.

Michael added that he does not want to have anything to do with his father.

“Everyone should just kill their selves,” Michael quoted his dad to have said.

“He said they can kill themselves… He said he has other kids that are my age around the world. I am just like okay guy is that supposed to faze me?

“Okay, the next morning. I collect 10-minute VN. This is not the first time. He is always sending me VNs, insulting my life. ‘You are doing music. You will never prosper. I will see you on the side of the road and I will spit in you. Don Jazzy will never see you’.

“He kept going. Sending more VNs, about eight VNs. I sent them to my mum. My mum could not even listen to it. She was trying to calm me down.

“I was so surprised. I am like this can not be. This cannot be someone I should be proud of…

“I do not want anything from him. I think it is four days ago I realised I do not want anything from this man. He told me to go crush my head by the truck. I am dead to this man. I do not want anything from him.”

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