A lot of people believe a long-distance relationship isn’t ideal and can’t work out. But this is not true. With the right environment and mutual understanding, a distance relationship can be as interesting as you can imagine.  


No doubt, the long-distance relationship has its highs and lows. But like life itself, challenges are inevitable.

With these tips, you can keep your love life sparkling in a long-distance relationship.

1. Communicate regularly and creatively


Effective communication is unarguably the best element that sustains every beautiful relationship. To keep a long-distance relationship, communicating regularly — through both verbal and non verbal form — is essential.

Frequent phone calls and video calls are the verbal communication, sending pictures and videos are the non verbal communication that are needed in the relationship.

Updating your partner about what is happening in your life, your day-to-day plans and activities, and every other things they need to know tends to build trust among partners.


2. Give assurance

Frequent verbal assurance helps to minimise doubts, insecurities, jealousy and other negative feelings. Reminding your partner how you love and cherish them and the relationship everytime tends to be so assuring.

Don’t hesitate to tell your partner “I love you”,”I’m proud you’re mine” among others each time you speak to them.

3. Do things together even while apart


With the advancement in technology, the barrier of distance is becoming insignificant. Lovebirds in a distance relationship can do a lot of things together remotely.

Both partners can make time to have fun with each other using technology to watch the same movie together on Netflix, creating a remote book club, challenging each other in an online games among others. These things will help keep your communication fresh and flowing and also provide fun ways to connect to each other despite the distance.

4. Forgive and forget

Disputes are almost unavoidable in all relationships. So anytime there is a form of argument, both partners should learn to forgive each other completely. It is also advisable for partners to avoid simultaneous anger, so the person who isn’t angry can settle the issue. Also, old mistakes should never be brought up again by partners in order to have a peaceful relationship.


5. Avoid keeping secrets

Keeping secrets tends to be the beginning of problems in a relationship because they tend to break trust when known. It is advisable for partners to avoid doing things they cannot inform their partners and tell “everything” in order to avoid any form of secret. Being truthful is very essential in keeping a long-distance relationship beautiful.

6. Surprises

A lot of people are always swept off their feet when surprised. To keep the love alive in a long-distance relationship, it is nice to plan surprise visits, dates, vacations.


However, planning surprises should be mutual, it shouldn’t be the guys responsibility. Ladies should plan surprises for their men too. This helps to spice up the relationship.

 7. Gift each other a personal object

People tend to attach meaning and feeling to the smallest and little things especially when it from a loved one.

Partners can gift each other small pendant, bracelet, chains which will help store memories.

8. Have a common goal

In a long-distance relationship, it’s important both partners have a common goal which serve as a motivation for them to keep loving and moving with each other.

Having a goal will make it easy to make plans with each other like putting down the estimated times apart and the times that will be spent together.

This goal will help motivate both partners to work together in the same direction towards a planned future, despite the distance.

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