There are a lot of things to be grateful for this new year, and these include family, health, growth, and peace of mind among others.


Unrealized dreams, failures, unmet expectations, as well as disappointments in areas of our lives from the past year, might leave us feeling miserable.

In this state, it can get hard to see the silver lining in our lives and how far we have come. We eventually end up being ungrateful; even for the things, we have.

It is therefore important for us to show our gratitude towards the tiniest things in our life. It helps you to be more content with what you have. 


While there are a thousand and one things you can be grateful for in your life, here are eight areas you can start your gratitude journey from;

  • Family

Family is your backbone and the smallest unit in any society. Different types of families exist – but a constant quality of real family is providing support for each other.  

People become paralyzed from a broken backbone (spinal cord) and in the same way, life could have little or no meaning without family. This is why you should be grateful for your family. They are the primary support unit of your life.


The term family is used loosely to describe a unit of people who share the same values. Suffice to say that a community of individuals who share the same values as you can be described as family.

  • Friends

Next to family, one should be grateful for friends. Outside our homes, friends provide us with the support we need as they are always there to listen. 

Think of the times you’ve had to go to your friends up and vent or seek advice. Recall also, how relieved you always feel after speaking to them.

Imagine having no one to vent to. Without them, you would be lonely. This is why you should be grateful for their presence in your life.

  • Life

You woke up to a beautiful morning today and you should be grateful for that. You slept the night before, unaware of the very many dangers that could have happened and you’re up this morning.

Some people would have given anything to wake up to a beautiful day too but unfortunately, couldn’t.

Also remember that when there’s life, there’s hope. 

  • Shelter

You’re probably reading this with a roof over your head. You should be thankful for that. Many would kill to trade places with you. And I mean this literally.


You are blessed, and it doesn’t matter if you’re squatting with someone, in a small space, or even in a not-so-good-looking accommodation. Be grateful you do not have to live on the streets or sleep without a roof over your head. 

Life out there on the street is tough and, being out of the streets is a blessing indeed.

  • Growth

If you take a look from where you started, you’ll realize you have grown so much. And although your growth may not seem obvious, or even important, there have definitely been some improvements in the overall standards of your life.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. It will take time and process for you to become the best version of yourself. Trust the process and appreciate your little wins.

  • Health

The quote, “health is wealth” has been trivialized so much that we underestimate the importance of being healthy.

And unfortunately, some people do not usually realize the importance of health until they’re sick.

You can see, walk, hear, and talk. You can breathe normally and naturally, your systems and organs are functioning. These are gifts you should be grateful for every day of your life.

  • Peace Of Mind

If you’re experiencing peace in your mind and with everything around you, then you have a lot to be grateful for. Having a peaceful mind allows for a richer life and cannot be underestimated.

Think of people battling with their mental health and how they struggle to gain some peace.

  • Yourself

If nothing on this list encourages you to be grateful, how about yourself. The fact that you’re uniquely you, different and an embodiment of great things is enough to be grateful.

Take a minute to pause and reflect on your life – there’s absolutely no way you wouldn’t find even one thing to be thankful for.

People say “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” and this is quite true. Think of how much you miss being healthy and being able to walk around when you’re indisposed and confined to a bed.  

Additionally, try and imagine your life without the items in the above list. That’s a scary thought, right? True.

Beyond the grand things of life, the little things really do matter. This is why you must cultivate the habit of gratitude for everything in your life; including the little ones. By doing this, you’ll be acknowledging God’s benevolence and thanking Him.

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