Duncan Mighty, a Nigerian singer and record producer, has accused Vivien Nwakanma, his wife, and her family members of plotting to kill him and take over his properties.


The 37-year-old musician took to his Instagram page on Thursday to make the shocking revelation in a lengthy post.

Mighty also claimed to have proof of his wife’s confession regarding the plot by her family members to use “juju” to manipulate him and inherit his properties.

The self acclaimed Port Harcourt first son said in March, he decided to gift his wife the documents of a property he acquired to build a house for her family in appreciation for her love.


He also said that his woman, who appeared elated, had urged that they spend the night at one of his other apartments away from their kids.

Mighty then alleged that hours into the night, he was awoken by the panting of his wife, and that when he asked what was wrong, his wife started to confess.

“On 23rd of March 2020, Vivien Nwakanma called me on phone on her usual way pouring showers of blessings on me with a very deep gratitude than she has never been especially for putting smiles and shelter for her family, I was overwhelmed… immediately I surprised her with a building plan, land document and complete building materials meant to build a house for her family. She wept and brought out N20k and said to me, use this money and buy cement add to the project. As soon as she wanted to leave she requested we should pass the night at my other apartments without the kids…,” he wrote.


“While asleep I was hearing Vivian’s voice panting like someone who is at gunpoint… She started first by saying, on several occasions in her family house, they’ll always talk about my too many properties and investments at this young age most especially being an only child.”

Mighty also alleged that during her confession, Vivien said she and her family had held a meeting where they planned to kill him and inherit all his properties because he was the only child of his parents.

“Any day he does any extraordinary thing that gives you more joy than ever make sure you both spend the night somewhere else without the kid. In the midnight when he’s very deep asleep, cut his nails both hand and foot, bring it to the shrine. That is the final stage of your sacrifice then your desires will come to a pass. So as soon as I want to cut your nails different spirits of dead people came out and started beating me saying that their names are ground and earth, that I must confess to you or I die,” he quoted Vivien to have said in the post.

He added that he recorded the “confession” for evidence and would release it to the public should she or any member of her family decide to deny the allegations.


“Immediately she finished confessing she got back herself and realized I was recording everything… Note everything I’ve said here has clear evidence and proofs. I never wanted to bring this to the public until the worse just happened again. So I am waiting for any day any of them will challenge this write-up. Then the most shocking second evil of Vivian and her family will be up here with proofs. These are their phone numbers and pictures. God I return all the glory to you alone,” he added.


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The couple got married in 2015 and the union is blessed with three children.

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