For many people, sex is ranked high on the list of pleasurable acts life has to offer.


But as in most cases, every good thing can also be the root of something bad, or unwanted, which is why condoms exist.

Condoms offer significant protection but the rubber-covering also reduces the sensation derived from sex, which is why many choose to opt out of using protection at the great expense of their health.

If you are one of those who leans towards going bareback, here are five things to first consider.


Are you ready to be a parent?

One of the biggest fears, for men and women alike, is accidental pregnancy.

When it comes to casual sex, or sex in new relationships, no one plans to make a baby — even if you want one.


So you have to consider whether or not you are financially able to provide for a child, because it is expensive. You also have to consider if you’re mentally mature enough to be a parent.

If your answers are ‘no’, then you don’t want to have unprotected sex.

Increased risk of STIs

While this is a no-brainer, it must be reiterated. If you leave your gate open, it’s inevitable for strays to walk in.


Most sexually transmitted infections do not become apparent immediately. Some can remain dormant for years which can ultimately bring you to an untimely death or a tower of ridiculous medical bills.

Have you and your partner been tested?

The best way to be a 100 percent sure that you and your partner are both clean is by getting tested together.

But that only really applies if the sexual relationship is monogamous.


How well do you know your partner?

If you’re not using protection, and you both aren’t getting tested, you should ask yourself how well you know your partner.

Casual sex can be fun but many people may not be forthcoming enough to tell you their entire sexual history; if they have contracted any sexual infections in the past or if they have a history of drug use.

Should they decide to withhold such information, it may have adverse effects on your health.


The intention of your partner

Sometimes, you may just have to ask questions, even if they may kill the mood.

Some people suggest unprotected sex to get pregnant for their personal gain like money or marrying into a certain family, hence it’s important to know what you may be getting into.

Stay woke!

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