Dear CeeCee, 


Should I leave my partner for not accompanying me to the hospital today as I had bad stomach cramps? He was at work but didn’t even offer.

Honey, are you fried rice? Because you are spoilt.

But maybe I’m missing something; are you planning to shut out family and friends who likewise didn’t offer? If this is the case, again, you are spoilt.


If you were in a life-threatening situation, or you were critically ill or injured, that would be different. But cramps?

I can’t help but wonder, are you looking for reasons to break up, or do you just have unrealistic expectations? Because that’s such a minor thing to end the relationship over.

How would you react if the roles were reversed?


It feels like you want to end the relationship but can’t come up with a “good enough” explanation to absolve yourself of responsibility. As in, you don’t want him, but you don’t want people to regard you as the one who ends the relationship without a solid reason.

Ask yourself; do you really value this man? Do you view him as disposable? If affirmative, you should either end the relationship or come to terms with what you want from him.

If you decide to put an end to the relationship, he will move on, and you will as well. But you need to accept responsibility because you are the one who is ending it rather than blaming him.

With love,



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