Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the article that might answer your long contemplated question: “does he/she really like me?”


We‘re all too familiar with the intense feeling of cracking our heads trying to figure out if someone we like actually genuinely likes us back.

Some schools of thought would suggest we just be straightforward and ask the person in question if they like us or not. But it’s not always as easy as that! Things could go wrong! This person might not even like us like that, and maybe, they’re only being friendly.

So how can you tell when someone likes you and is interested in taking things further? Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this, taking notes of some of the signs discussed in this article could well be the answer.


Are you ready? Leggo!

  • They Remember The Small Details About You

What your favourite food is, your birthday, the birthmark on your cheek, your quirky smile you thought no one notices, yeah, these are the kind of small details a person who really likes you would notice and remember.

But those aren’t all the kinds of details they remember, details you mention during conversations will be picked up by a person who is genuinely interested in you. So lookout for this quality in this person: are they consistently listening attentively and demonstrating that they retain even the tiniest bit of detail about you? They could be into you for real.


However, be careful when making up your mind because a friend could also display this quality as well. But I guess the difference is in the details a person leans toward. More intimate details will be retained by someone interested in you romantically as opposed to a platonic friend.

  • They Always Want To Be With You

If point one doesn’t help in answering your question, then maybe this point will: a person who really likes you would want to always spend time with you.

It doesn’t matter if they had a busy day or if there are hours of traffic, a person genuinely into you would find time consistently to be with you. You’ll notice they always suggest spending time with you at the slightest chance they get. Watch out for this, and maybe this could be the answer to your question.

  • They Go Out Of Their Way For You

Is this person always going out of their way to help you out? Do they burn their money, time, and strength, trying to keep you comfortable? They might really be super into you.


It’s not untrue that a person will sacrifice for what or who they love.

Sacrifice is an important quality of love and any person consistently doing so for you, might really be liking you.

  • They’re Curious About You

If someone is curious about you and pursues their curiosity, then they really do like you. Is this person, for instance, asking around; maybe from friends and family for details about you (and please we mean this in a non-creepy way lol).

Of course, there are instances of people who do not care a bit about you being curious about you (isn’t that how antagonists are with protagonists in movies?) but there’s just something about a person who likes you and is curious about you- there’s just always a difference.


Of course, asking around isn’t the only way a curious person who likes you can take, they could ask you directly. And you can tell from the kind of questions they ask. Sometimes they could be particular about your relationship-life; they could be seriously following up on whether you’re in a relationship or not among other personal things.

Things like your interests, hobbies, passions, are also stuff a person who likes you would be curious about when discussing with you.

Of course, I know my little list cannot solve your complex questions about knowing if a person really likes you but hey, this could be a start. One thing you should take seriously though is your inner gut. What is your gut telling you about this person? More often than not, it’d be right. Additionally, things like asking the person in question directly, “Uhm Hey, do you like me?” could be really helpful and cut off all the headache (yes, I said it, do not come for my head please).

I’d like to know if any of these pointers have helped you figure out if a person likes/liked you. Share your story in the comments and I’d sure be looking out to hear from you!


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